Photo of Cris Mertens, Film and TV Editor

Cris Mertens

is an award-winning film editor who's worked with clients such as Lionsgate, Paramount, Adult Swim and Warner Bros Animation. Operating mainly in the Direct-to-video space with indie filmmakers and large studios alike, Cris firmly maintains that having a good story and quality sound is always paramount to a positive audience experience.

Employing inventive cutting techniques that allow him to think outside the box, Cris possesses a keen understanding of narrative structure and pacing - which usually comes in handy after someone on set has dismissively shouted We’ll fix it in post! After seven years in the industry, Cris has already cut eight feature films in a wide variety of genres as well as trailers, commercials and shorts. His enthusiasm for efficient workflows and sleek sound design is matched only by his total dedication to the craft of film editing and his unequivocal love for Weiner dogs.